Welcome to Sarmang Academy

“Knowledge is not meant to confined within boundaries, it is meant for sharing and spreading”.

Market is flooded with IT colleges/ institutes etc, having technical degree in hand is not a promise of great career. Career opportunities and growth completely rely on ones technical skills, logical and analytical thinking, presence of mind and confidence to handle and manage different types of technologies being used in companies.

To boost his/her career growth one must have sound knowledge of different types of technologies and have to stay update with the changing trend and technology.

Serving this need of our society Sarmang run training program since 2004 to train our budding software engineers/professional/students etc providing them opportunity to nurture their skills and knowledge. We provide training on latest technology which is ruling the market and provide them opportunity to work on our projects. it is life time opportunity for them to work on exquisite software, many of them which are being sold all over the country now.

Our “Learning by Doing” approach allow students to explore their skills, mental capabilities, analytical and logical power to find the best solution of a problem rather than just with ready to serve answer.

Sarmang Academy aims to set new standards of learning and revolutionize training in Free and Open source software and produce trained/skilled human resource for domestic and international market requirement.

We also provide online training so that we can impart necessary knowledge and skills to the masses that have zeal to learn and improve. We provide opportunity of learning irrespective of age, marital status, gender, location etc.aims to provide benefit of training national wide.